Rakhi Sawant Announces Wedding To This Man, It Is A Match Made In Heaven

Rakhi Sawant Wedding – If you thought that the wedding of the season was over, you’re grossly mistaken. Oh, and we aren’t referring to Nick and Priyanka’s wedding either. There’s a new surprise couple in town, and they’re getting married on New Year’s Eve.

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Turns out, Rakhi Sawant is getting married to Deepak Kalal. Now is that not a match made in heaven?

Both Deepak and Rakhi are suckers for attention. Both love being in the spotlight. Both are slightly cringe-worthy. They’re perfect for each other. I wonder why we didn’t think of them being together before?

When news broke, we thought it was a joke, a prank or maybe her account got hacked. But no. Rakhi went all out and posted an image of her wedding invitation on Instagram.

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She followed this up with this video, which was captioned, “Very nice will go to Bigboos13 and nach balieye and zalak dikhaja after marriage ok Deepak I thik we r going to win.”


The wedding invitation says that the venue will be in Los Angeles. High hopes, apparently. Also, Rakhi said that she wants the event to be a gala affair and is planning to invite a large number of people from Bollywood. Typical Rakhi, right?


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