Japan Roller Coaster Incident: Suddenly Stopped Mid-Ride – Watch Video

A video on social media is becoming quite viral. Video of a roller castor ride in an amusement park in Japan is shocking to everyone. According to the news of Kyodo News, Universal Studios’ Roller Coaster stopped suddenly after moving. With more than 60 people hanging upside down Rescue operation lasted for two hours and they were rescued.

64 people Jurassic Park’s Flying Dinosaur roller Caster Ride stopped on a sudden on Tuesday. According to media reports, two carriages stopped suddenly. One stops at the top and the other side stops near the terminal. After which the safety device of Roller Caster was activated.

These videos are posted by Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimban. These videos have been shot with helicopters. Who shot the rescue operation. The staff of Amusement Park got involved in the rescue and tried to save the people. Roller Caster Ride was restarted after 2 hours.

Japan Roller Coaster incident Video:


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