Increased Dengue-Malaria Cases in Delhi – SDMC Report

The rush of people in the national capital Delhi is unhealthy. Recently, SDMC has issued a figure of people suffering from diseases such as malaria and dengue throughout the year including rainy season. According to the SDMC reportIncreased Dengue-Malaria Cases in Delhi at least 43 cases of malaria have been detected in 18 days in August. After the introduction of this report, the number of malaria affected people has increased to 131 within a year during the rainy season. According to the report, there have been many cases of malaria in August. Due to this disease many people are affected and long queues are seen in hospitals.

The report also shows the number of people suffering from dengue. According to the report, 69 cases of dengue have been reported in this year so far. It was reported in the report that till August 11, around 20 cases have been reported in the month of August in which people have been victims of this disease. Before this, till July, about 49 cases were reported.

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In the report last week, Chikungunya has revealed that there is not a single person suffering from the disease in the city. There is news of a relief for the residents of Delhi.

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Explain SDM, i.e. South Delhi Municipal Corporation, keeps the data of diseases across the city and also releases these data from time to time.

A senior doctor of the government hospital said that both dengue and malaria spread through different mediums. He advised people to take all kinds of precautions. According to the doctor should wear full-length clothing as a precaution and mosquitoes should not be allowed in homes. The doctor further said, “Coolers should be dried if the water is not used as mosquito breeding mosquitoes are born there, as well as mosquito nets in homes.”

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